Price Match Guarantee Policy

We want to be your preferred supplier of yarn - Bamboo Yarn, Cotton Yarn, Textile Yarn etc. and hobby products. That's why we offer price match guarantee on every product in our assortment, alongside offering you 5% off the price. 

We'll match online competitors' product prices. Please contact our Customer Service for guidance.

To guarantee a fair competition when using the price match guarantee, we need you to follow these instructions:

  • It has to be a UK online shop with warehouse and Company Registration i the UK.
  • The item must be in stock and have a delivery time on 1-3 working days (not out of stock or delivery item)
  • The product must be exact the same; brand, color etc.
  • Prove of price match is a link to the product.
  • Price of the product must be for 1 piece (not 2 for £x).
  • The price match guarantee includes available products and not queue deals, package deal and or discounts with limited number of products or time limited.
  • The price match guarantee does not include membership suck as a members-only purchasing club or any subscription permitting the discount.
  • The price match guarantee can't be combined with any product promotion code.
  • The price match guarantee does not include our own prices. 
  • The price match guarantee only includes product due to UK taxes, customs, guarantee and consumer protections.  

To use the price match you need to add a comment to your order with direct link to the matching products.

Requests regarding price match guarantee is processed in 1-3 working days.

Even when already receiving the package you can use the price match guarantee up to 14 working days after the delivery. Contact our customer service and remember to write your order id. You receive the difference as a gift card.

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