Ida's Velour Scrunchie


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You can now crochet your own scrunchies using nice and soft velour yarn. The crocheted scrunchies can be used as hair accessories, bracelets or whatever you prefer. All you need is a hair tie, velour yarn and a crochet hook - and then you can make the beautiful scrunchies yourself.

I have previously made Ida's scrunchie in cotton yarn, but during creative days I got the opportunity to try some velour yarn - the yarn is super soft and easy to work with. These scrunchies can also be used as accessories, they are, however, considerably larger since the yarn is rather thick.

The stitches are also pushed together in this crochet pattern, which creates the big waves on the scrunchie. However, due to the thickness of the yarn, you don't have room for a lot of stitches. You therefore make 3 treble stitches in each stitch (dec).

The pattern is very simple since you only use double crochet stitches and treble stitches. You don’t work with a lot of stitches, due to the thickness of the yarn - which is also what makes it a quick and easy crochet project. It can, however, be difficult to see the stitches in the yarn – but you can very easily feel them. And the more you work with the yarn, the easier it will be to see the stitches. So, even if you are a beginner, you can certainly do this project.


Yarn consumption

1 skein Infinity Hearts Petunia (you can make 3 scrunchies from 1 skein).

Other materials


ch = chain stitch 
sl st = slip stitch
inc = increase (2 stitches in the same stitch) 
tr = treble

Crochet information: 

You make Ida´s scrunchie by making double crochet stitches all the way around the hair tie. I push them together tightly. The more stitches you make, the more the hair tie will be able to stretch.


I make 50 double crochet on this size of hair tie. On photo 2, there are made 10 stitches – and on photo 3, you can see how closely they are pushed together.

You finish the round with double crochets with a slip stitch.


1st round. - 2 chain stitches, followed by 3 increases in each stitch – finish the round with 1 slip stitch, and weave in ends.

2.jpg 3.jpg   

It is not always easy to see the stitches in the thick yarn, but you can feel them easily, and you can see them better once you get more used to it.

2.jpg 3.jpg  


 You are welcome to use #ritokrea and #ritohobby when you share photos of your finished projects on social media, so we can see the results :-) 

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