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Make up etui Make up etui

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The makeup clutch is an alternative to the regular make-up bag, where creating an overview of your items can be difficult because everything is mixed together. With this makeup clutch, you can better organize your makeup items with little pockets, which you can customize in the size you need.

You can also make your clutch larger or smaller as preferred. Moreover, you can use the clutch for multiple purposes aside from makeup. For example, you can use the clutch for storing crochet needles, pencils, paintbrushes, etc.

The clutch is crocheted with double strand Infinity Hearts Rose 8/4 using a 4mm crochet hook, and the "pockets" are made with a single strand and a 2.5mm crochet hook.


The finished clutch has a width of approx. 16cm (the width is where the zipper will be) and folded up it measures 12cm when following the crochet pattern.


Materials and Yarn consumption


ch = chain stitch

rw = row

s = stitch

dc = double crochet

tr = treble

htr = half treble

[xxx] = what is specified within the brackets is made in the same stitch

*xxx* = what is specified within the stars is repeated


Start with double strand and 4mm crochet hook.

Cast on 36 ch (+/- 3 s to make wider or smaller).

Rw. 1: Start in 3rd ch from the hook, where you make 1 dc, 1 ch and 1 tr down into the same s, skip 2 s, *[1 dc, 1 ch, 1 tr] in next s, skip 2 ch* repeat until there is 1 ch left, where you make 1 dc in the last ch.

Rw 2: Turn with 1 ch, skip dc and tr from the previous row and make *[1 dc, 1 ch, 1 tr] around the chain space, skip 2 s* repeat for the entire row, make 1 dc in the turning chain.

Now, measure the width of your piece. It should measure approx. 14-16cm. If the piece is smaller, you can make a dc-edge in the end. In order for the zipper to fit, the piece should have a final width of 15.5-16cm.

Repeat row 2 until the piece has a length of approx. 45cm – you can choose to make it longer or shorter depending on how large you want your makeup clutch to be. Just keep in mind that the zipper pocket should measure approx. 10cm where you layer it so that the final measurement will be approx. 10cm shorter.

When the piece has the length you want and if your width is less than 15.5-16 cm, you can make a dc edge (continue with double strand and a 4mm crochet hook):

Turn 1 ch and make dc all the way around the piece, 1 dc for each row and 3 dc in the corners. Crochet several rounds until the width measures 16cm.

Finish and weave in ends.

Fold one end 10cm and sew each side together. Then attach the zipper.

Make up etui

Sew on the zipper so that you fold the flap in and the crochet over above it. Finally, remember to bend the ends into the pocket so they won’t be visible.

Make up etui

The stitches on the back will look like this.

Make up etui

Now sew on the zipper on the opposite side. Be careful not to make the stitches visible on the opposite side.

The pockets:

Now switch to single strand and a 2.5 mm crochet hook.

You should now crochet two "pockets" - one should be used for storage and the other should be used as a "flap" to keep your items in place. You go about both the same way. They are made with htr, but you can also easily replace htr with dc, where you simply start in 2nd ch from the hook.

Cast on 39 ch

Rw 1: Begin with a htr in the 3rd ch from the hook and make 1 htr in each of the remaining ch

Rw 2: Turn with 2 ch, make 1 htr in each s

After row 2, your piece should measure approx. 12-14cm in width (depending on the desired size). If it doesn't, try again and cast on more or fewer ch.

Repeat row 2 until the storage pocket measures 9cm and the "flap" measures 8cm.

Attach the storage pocket at the bottom of your clutch and sew on both sides as well as the bottom. Then make stitches down along the pocket so that the storage pockets will have a width of approx. 3cm (or different sizes, depending on how wide the piece is and what you have space for) – you can easily fit a mascara with 3cm. For a pen or crochet hook, 2cm may be better. It all depends on what you prefer. Then add the "flap" at the top.


Make up etui

Sew it on each side as well as the bottom. Then make pockets for storage.

Now fold up the clutch to find out where to place your magnetic buttons. You can either fold the clutch with one fold or make several folds, depending on the size you want the folded clutch to be. You can either add one button in the middle or two magnetic buttons - one on each side.

Your makeup clutch is now finished!

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Make up etui Make up etui

Designed by: Anna Skjemt

Version: v3.c306.s4.l5