Cotton Poplin With Stripes

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Cotton Poplin fabric 140cm 02 Light Blue - 50cm


Cotton Poplin Fabric 140cm 06 Denim - 50cm


Cotton Poplin fabric 140cm 08 Dark Navy - 50cm


Cotton Poplin fabric 140cm 11 Light Red - 50cm


Bomuldspoplin Stof 140cm 14 Old Rose - 50cm


Cotton Poplin fabric 140cm 15 Red - 50cm


Cotton Poplin fabric 140cm 034 Stripes - 50cm


Bomuldspoplin Stof 140cm 56 Wine - 50cm


Cotton Poplin fabric 140cm 61 Light Gray - 50cm


Cotton Poplin fabric 140cm 69 Black - 50cm


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Product data

  • Length: 50 cm
  • Width: 140 cm
  • Centimeters per. unit: 50 cm
  • Weight: 130 g/m2
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Wash & Care: Machine wash 30°C
  • Maks. stk. længde: 15 meter

Product description

Cotton poplin is a beautiful canvas fabric made from 100 % cotton. Cotton poplin has a simple, but beautiful look which makes it perfect for different sewing projects such as clothing for the family or homemade bed linen. Furthermore, the material is softer and has a more shiny surface compared to typical cotton and cotton canvas products. Cotton poplin feels comfortable on the skin and does not easily crumple which means that you do not have to use your iron to maintain the elegant look of the fabric.

On this page, you find our beautiful cotton poplin with stripes. We carry striped designs from classic black/white to more distinctive colour combinations such as pink and white. Explore our large assortment of cotton poplin in unique designs and colours. We also offer cotton poplin with print, checks and dots. Check out our selection of poplin by the metre or find the beautiful striped poplins right here on this page.

What is cotton poplin?

The word poplin refers to the weave method of the fabric. With this type of weave, a tight warp and weft – i.e. the threads running along the breadth and height of the fabric – are woven in an over-under pattern. This results in a tighter woven fabric which is durable, soft and beautiful. Consequently, cotton poplin is cotton fabric woven with the poplin method.

What can I use cotton poplin with stripes for?

Cotton poplin is highly suitable for clothing, be it everyday clothing pieces or evening wear. The striped designs are perfect for shirts, dresses, trousers or children’s clothes. Cotton poplin feels soft and cool on the skin which is why this material is also suitable for creating bed linen or play mats because it does not irritate the skin.

A great advantage of cotton poplin is also that the fabric is water-resistant due to its close weave. This means that fluids stay on the surface of the fabric. Be aware, however, that water-resistant is not the same as waterproof!

Take good care of your cotton poplin with stripes

Even though cotton poplin is durable, it is always advisable to follow the washing instructions in order to protect the fabric. We recommend that you machine wash poplin products at 30°C.

Since the fabric does not crumple, you don’t have to use an iron – unless of course you prefer the extra smooth look provided by the iron. Instead, you can smooth out your creations by hand either before or after use.

The right quantity of cotton poplin with stripes delivered to your door

Here in our crafts-filled webshop, you can find cotton poplin in a large selection of wonderful striped designs. All types come at the same price and are sold by the metre. The fabric products weigh 130 g per m2.

When you buy cotton poplin with stripes, each product is stated in units. One unit equals 50 cm. Consequently, if you add one unit to your shopping basket, you get 50 cm. If you want to buy 100 cm of fabric, you must add two units and so forth. We know that you easily use a good quantity of fabric for your creative projects. Therefore, we offer volume discount when you buy a certain quantity of cotton poplin with stripes.

Find cotton poplin with stripes at great prices in the webshop

Buy your cotton poplin with stripes at Ritohobby today and get a great start to your next fabric adventure. Our cotton poplin is of a high quality and always sold at competitive prices, ensuring that you can buy the best fabric at a good price. We also offer price match guarantee on all our products.

Besides our cotton poplin with stripes, we carry loads of wonderful sewing equipment for your projects. Here you find the most essential equipment ranging from extra accessories over sewing patterns to both mechanical and electronic sewing machines.

In our webshop, you can always find good offers on different creative products. We guarantee the best from the world of crafts. Whether you like fabric, yarn, pearls or thread, we definitely have the crafts equipment for you. We are always ready to help you if you have any questions about our cotton poplin with stripes or about other fabrics.

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