About us

Founded in 2014 Rito is an online shop selling yarn and hobby products. Our office and warehouse has base on Gyrovej, Skive, Denmark. Our working team consists of 20 full-time employees. On the side we have many skilled freelancers and young employees working for us at daily basis. Many of our employees are passionate knitters and crocheters combined with the experience running a web shop.

We have the best knowledge to run a serious and secure online shop. The expertise is combined with many years of experience and passion for knitting, crocheting and hobby. The associates work as a strong team always ready to provide our customers the best service. We try to answer all the questions you may have regarding yarn, patterns or our web shop.

As an online shop we have the following work philosophy: 

  1. The best customer experience and service is important every time (Check our Trustpilot-score)
  2. We want to sell the cheapest products online (We have price match guarantee)
  3. The delivery must reach our customers at the promised delivery time.

Explore our big assortment of cheap yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, patterns, or accessories for knitting and crocheting. You are welcome to follow us on Facebook here.

Head Office Contact

Contact us on telephone (+44 8455 282999) and by email (Contact us here).

Returns, refunds and delivery 

For returns our address is below together with our normal opening hours. there is no sale from the address. At Rito we have 365 days returns.  If the product is intact and unused, not smelling of smoke, cooking fumes, or has been exposed to moisture you can return the product. Read more information on our 365 days returns policy here. 

5 Station Court
Station Lane
Hethersett NR9 3AY

Normal opening hours - working days only:

Monday 7am-3pm
Tuesday 7am-3pm
Wednesday 7am-3pm
Thursday 7am-3pm
Friday 7am-3pm


Check out our staff and team below.

  • dennis-drejer.png

    Dennis Drejer

    Owner, IT & Marketing
  • michael-ustrup.png

    Michael Ustrup

    Office Manager
  • lone-drejer.png

    Lone Drejer

  • mathias-andersen.jpg

    Mathias Andersen

    IT & Development
  • rune-jensen.jpg

    Rune Jensen

    IT & Development
  • vicki-drejer.png

    Vicki Svingholm Drejer

    Administration & Marketing
  • Simon Bilstrup

  • kasper-ostenfeldt-toxrig.png

    Kasper Ostenfeldt Toxvig

  • dennis-falkenberg.jpg

    Dennis Falkenberg

  • lene-beregaard-ny.png

    Lene Beregaard

  • andreas-kretzschmer.jpg

    Andreas Kretzschmer

  • camilla-sevelsted.jpg

    Camilla Sevelsted

    Customer Service
  • helene-kristensen1.jpg

    Helene Kristensen

    Customer Service
  • kathrine-mejlhede.jpg

    Kathrine Mejlhede

    Customer Service
  • kirstine-kanstrup.jpg

    Kirstine Kanstrup

    Customer Service
  • anne-cathrine-ressem.JPG

    Anne Cathrine Ressem

    Country Manager Norway
  • angelica-geerthsen.jpg

    Angelica Geerthsen

    Country Manager Sweden
  • christian-damgaard-laursen.jpg

    Christian Damgaard Laursen

  • martin-torpdahl-soerensen.jpg

    Martin Torpdahl Sørensen

  • jakob-nielsen.png

    Jakob Nielsen

  • ronni-jensen.png

    Ronni Jensen




Warehouse and office

Here's a few pictures from our Danish Warehouse and office.