Gepard Garn Sealord Yarn

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Gepard Yarn Sealord Unicolor 116 Lemon Yellow


Gepard Yarn Sealord Mix 146 Medium Brown


Gepard Yarn Sealord Unicolor 216 Strong Orange


Gepard Yarn Sealord Unicolor 334 Red


Gepard Yarn Sealord Unicolor 356 Bordeaux


Gepard Yarn Sealord Unicolor 412 Light Powder


Gepard Yarn Sealord Unicolor 414 Light Raspberry


Gepard Yarn Sealord Unicolor 416 Dark Powder


Gepard Yarn Sealord Unicolor 614 Dusty Purple


Gepard Yarn Sealord Unicolor 718 Turquoise Green


Gepard Yarn Sealord Unicolor 720 Light Lavender


Gepard Yarn Sealord Unicolor 724 Light Petrol


Gepard Yarn Sealord Unicolor 740 Denim Blue


Gepard Yarn Sealord Unicolor 818 Light Avocado Green


Gepard Yarn Sealord Unicolor 822 Spring Green


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Product data

  • Material: 100% wool
  • Yarn group: B (20 - 22 stitches), C (16 - 19 stitches) and D (12 - 15 stitches)
  • Needle Size: 3,5 - 7 mm
  • Gauge: 10 x 10 = Varies after stick size, but between 14-22m
  • Weight / Length: 40 grams = about 93 meters
  • Wash & Care: Hand wash max. 30°C
  • Drying: Dry flat / Feltable
  • Other information: Hand Wash, max 30°C / Dry Flat / Feltable

Product description

Seam yarn is very flexible and can be knitted on needle size 3½ - 7 mm. Knitting tension and approximate consumption can be seen in the chart below. Please note that a little extra is needed for cables and multicolour patterns.

Needle size in mm4567
Knitting tension per 10 cm22m20m19m17m16m15m14m
Approx. consumption in keys ladies jersey54-54-5443-43
Approx. consumption in keys men's size65-65-655--
Approx. consumption in keys child size---2-32-3--

The basic colours are only available in large keys of 150 grams. The pattern colours are in 40 gram keys, divided into Virgins and Sailors. Virgins are slightly muted or dusty in colour, while Sailors are more bright.

Gepard Seamen's Yarn is a classic yarn quality, aimed at the uncompromising knitting and crochet enthusiast. If you appreciate working with 100% untreated wool, this yarn quality will most likely suit your taste. We sell sailor yarn from Gepard at attractive online prices for the benefit of Danish consumers.

Gepard sailor yarn - Complete colour chart

Gepard Seamen's Yarn is a yarn quality made from 100% wool. The yarn is available in two different variants - 150 grams (basic colours) and 40 grams (retro colours).

If you prefer to work with basic colours, choose our 150 gram yarns. If you prefer to work with retro colours, you should choose our 40 gram yarn keys. You can choose between these two variants, which offer many beautiful and inspiring colours. Of course, we offer the complete colour card, where you can choose from the most beautiful colours for your creative projects.

Gepard Seamen's Yarn is known for its rustic look and soft quality with no scratch. It is a lightweight yarn quality that is suitable for a wide range of creations. The yarn is easy to work with and you will be able to benefit greatly from its many properties.

Seaman's yarn from Gepard is a yarn in a class of its own. There are of course some alternatives to the yarn, but few yarns can match its high quality. Washing, drying and caring for the yarn is easy, as you don't have to deal with complicated instructions. The manufacturer recommends hand-washing at a maximum of 30 degrees, as well as drying the yarn flat. It should also be mentioned that the yarn can also be used for felting - as well as knitting and felting, of course. This means that the yarn can be used for practically every conceivable type of needlework where wool yarn can be used.

Buy Gepard sailor yarn at the best prices on the net

If you want to avoid paying unnecessary money for Gepard Seamen's Yarn, you should shop online. With reference to our price guarantee , we can ensure that you can always shop for yarn at the best prices on the net. We strive to carry the lowest prices on the market, and we will gladly match the price of the competitor if you find a lower price for this yarn quality.

Of course, you can also make attractive savings with our volume discounts. Read the terms of our volume discount to find out how you can get a discount on your purchase. We reward customers who buy in bulk with attractive discounts.

Although Gepard Seamen's Yarn is a high quality yarn, we of course sell it at competitive prices. Because we believe that all knitting and crochet enthusiasts have the right to knit and crochet with quality yarn. You can of course find inspiration in patterns if you buy or download an e-book, pattern booklet or something else entirely.

Fast delivery of Gepard Sailor Yarn

We've made it quick and easy to order yarn online, where you can order Gepard Seamen's Yarn, for example. Of course, we also provide fast delivery, so you can be sure to receive the yarn as soon as possible. When your package leaves our warehouse, you will be notified by email so you know that your yarn is on its way to you.

If you experience any problems or have any questions of one kind or another, you can of course contact us. On all weekdays, our staff is ready to answer your queries so that you get the best buying experience. Order now if you want to shop for Gepard sailor yarn at excellent prices.

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