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Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 806 Off White


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 807 Anthracite


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 809 Black


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 810 Dark Brown


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 812 Green


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 813 Petrol


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 815 Blue


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 819 Dark Red


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 822 Grey Heather


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 823 Light Brown Heather


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 824 Brown Heather


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 825 Dark Pink


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 827 Navy Blue


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 828 Red


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 831 Heather


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 834 Turquoise


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 835 Corn Yellow


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 840 Cornflower Blue


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 841 Light Grey Heather


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 842 Terracotta


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 845 Light Beige Heather


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 848 Light Blue


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 850 Light Pink


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 851 White


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 854 Cafe Latte


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 855 Yellow


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 857 Dark Sea Green


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 858 Saffron


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 861 Dark Grey Blue


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 862 Burnt Copper


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 864 Dark Lavender


Du Store Alpakka Sterk Yarn 865 Denim


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Product data

  • Material: 40% alpaca, 40% wool & 20% nylon
  • Yarn group: B (20 - 22 meshes)
  • Needle Size: 3,5 mm
  • Gauge: 10 cm = 22 m
  • Weight / Length: 50 grams = about 137 meters
  • Wash & Care: Wool wash 30°C (Never use fabric softener)
  • Drying: Dry flat
  • Other information: Wool wash 30º / Never use conditioner / Dry Flat

Product description

With us you will find Du Store Alpaca offers and a wide selection of their yarn qualities. Special to Du Store Alpakka is their specialization in sourcing Peruvian alpaca yarn. They are the only importers who have a strong affinity for alpaca yarns. When you are left with a skein of knitting yarn from Du Store Alpakka, you have also bought quality for your money. You may feel like you're giving more, but you're also helping to support a sustainable yarn and can knit with a clear conscience. The materials are carefully selected. There is close contact with those who work with the animals on a daily basis and the focus is on delivering a product that retains its natural properties without being over-processed.

You great Alpaca offer

As retailers of Du Store Alpaca, we always have alpaca yarn on offer. There is usually always alpaca yarn on sale with us, and it is available in a large selection. In addition to the many tempting offers on alpaca yarn, we also have a short delivery time. From the moment you order your item, it usually only takes 1-2 days. We have different types of delivery, so whether you choose delivery to your home address or the nearest parcel box, you're guaranteed to get your delivery quickly and easily, so you can get started on your knitting project as soon as possible.

Du Store Alpaca Strong - a strong yarn quality

Knitting yarn Sterk from Du Store Alpakka is a delicious yarn quality. This is due to several things. Firstly, the yarn quality is composed of three materials. There is 40% alpaca yarn, which gives a nice softness to the yarn quality. Alpaca yarn is made up of hollow fibres, which provide the most optimal insulation if you want yarn that feels good. The insulation and hollow fibres mean that alpaca yarn will keep you nice and warm. In addition, there is 40% merino wool, which has the great property of having a softness and especially a lightness that makes this yarn quality light. This also means that your projects won't have too much weight, but rather you'll achieve a lightness that makes your knitting seem easy to walk with. Finally, 20% nylon has been added. The artificial material gives an increased abrasion resistance to the yarn, so you get a yarn quality in the four-ply Du Store Alpakka Sterk that has a long life.

The soft and lightweight yarn is also lanolin-free. Lanolin is the natural fat found naturally in sheep's wool. The fatty substance Lanolin can cause allergies. That's why Du Store Alpakka Sterk is hypoallergenic, making it an obvious choice for allergy sufferers. When yarn is Lanolin-free, bacteria and dust can't collect on the yarn either, so that's another advantage. Du Store Alpakka Sterk therefore does not bother the skin and is also itch-free, so you can easily wear your knitwear directly on the skin.

Sterk has a wide colour chart, which means you get a huge selection of colours, so you have a lot to choose from, whether you're into pastels, dusty colours, bright colours or neutrals. It also gives you the opportunity to put together the shades you like best to complete your project. The large colour card means you can use Sterk for a variety of crochet and knitting projects.

Washing and maintaining Sterk

It pays to take good care of your knitwear. After spending so many hours in the company of the knitting needles, it's important that your knitwear has a long life and can be worn again and again without losing its look. That's why it's important to follow the washing instructions on the banner.

The advantage of Du Store Alpakkas yarns is that the alpaca fibres, which are also hollow, contain sulphur. This gives the yarn self-cleaning properties. If your knitting starts to smell, try airing the project by hanging it outside. The smell from the garment often disappears when the alpaca gets fresh air. This way you can avoid washing your knitwear in the washing machine. This is because alpaca yarn tends to filter if it goes into a washing machine. So we recommend either airing your knitwear or, if you have a stain, gently dabbing a wet cloth on the stain to loosen it. Be careful not to rub the cloth against your knitwear, as this can also cause it to filter.

If it is unavoidable to wash the project in the washing machine, it must be washed on a wool programme at 30⁰C degrees. Turn your project inside out and wash it with a special detergent for wool and silk either alone or with a towel in the washing machine. Afterwards, as with all knitwear, it is important to dry the project flat and preferably on a warm floor, for example in a bathroom or utility room.

Du Store Alpakka - sustainability in every ball of yarn

When you buy yarn from Du Store Alpakka, you are also contributing as a consumer to ethical responsibility and sustainability. The people behind the yarn all work according to four principles:

Du Store Alpakkas Norwegian founders Kari Hestnes and Per Svendsen both have a passion for alpaca yarn and especially the people who work with the alpacas, a species of llama in the Andes. The special climate in Peru gives the alpacas the softest hair, which is used in alpaca yarn. In addition to importing yarn from Peru to Norway, they have also focused on improving conditions for the people of the Andes. That's why they've helped set up a godparent scheme and a school, the Mirasol School, for poor children so they can get an education. For every kilo of yarn sold, one dollar goes to the school. As well as running the Mirasol school, they are also responsible for its running. When you buy yarn from Du Store Alpakka, you are also donating money to a good cause.

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7071765008108 (7 071765 5008108)
7071765008122 (7 071765 5008122)
7071765008139 (7 071765 5008139)
7071765008153 (7 071765 5008153)
7071765008191 (7 071765 5008191)
7071765008221 (7 071765 5008221)
7071765008238 (7 071765 5008238)
7071765008245 (7 071765 5008245)
7071765008252 (7 071765 5008252)
7071765008276 (7 071765 5008276)
7071765008283 (7 071765 5008283)
7071765008313 (7 071765 5008313)
7071765008344 (7 071765 5008344)
7071765008351 (7 071765 5008351)
7071765250477 (7 071765 5250477)
7071765250484 (7 071765 5250484)
7071765250491 (7 071765 5250491)
7071765250521 (7 071765 5250521)
7071765250552 (7 071765 5250552)
7071765250576 (7 071765 5250576)
7071765250583 (7 071765 5250583)
7071765251214 (7 071765 5251214)
7071765251221 (7 071765 5251221)
7071765251245 (7 071765 5251245)
7071765251252 (7 071765 5251252)
7071765251283 (7 071765 5251283)
7071765251290 (7 071765 5251290)
7071765252051 (7 071765 5252051)
7071765252068 (7 071765 5252068)


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