Free Pencil Holder Crochet Pattern with Spiral Effect

hæklet blyantsholder med spiraleffekt

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Follow this crochet pattern with a photo guide to crochet your own pencil or crochet hook holders. The pencil holder is crocheted with different colours of Infinity Hearts 2XLace Fabric Yarn.


The pencil holder measures 13cm in height and 10cm in diameter.


Yarn consumption


dc - Double crochet

sl st - Slip stitch

inc - Increase (2 stitches in the same stitch)

bl – Back loop

dsp – Deep spike stitch

A spike stitch is a stitch, which is crocheted through the stitches of one of the previous rows. To make a deep spike stitch, you go down two rows instead of one.



Start by making 6 dc in a magic ring (6).

blyantsholder hækleopskrift  blyantsholder - gratis hækleopskrift

• inc x 6 (12)

• 1, inc x 6 (18)

• 2, inc x 6 (24)

• 3, inc x 6 (30)

Now, the bottom of the pencil holder is finished, and you can begin making the edges. Proceed by making a round of dc in the back loop (30).

Hereafter, you make 2 rounds of dc (30).


blyantsholder- gratis hækleopskrift  blyantsholder - gratis hækleopskrift  blyantsholder - gratis hækleopskrift

Once you have made the 2 rounds of dc, you begin the spiral pattern. You do this by making:

• 2 dc, 1 dsp x 10 + 1 dc (31)

Use the last dc to make a colour change. With each new colour you make two rounds:

• 1st round: dc (30)

• 2nd round: 2 dc, 1 dsp x 10 + 1 dc (31)

blyantsholder hækleopskrift  blyantsholder hækleopskrift blyantsholder hækleopskrift blyantsholder hækleopskrift

When you have used all 6 colours, you make a round with sl st (30)

blyantsholder hækleopskrift blyantsholder hækleopskrift


Weave in all ends and your pencil holder is ready for use. You can also weave in the ends as you go.

blyantsholder hækleopskrift blyantsholder hækleopskrift

Designed by: thildethordahl (Thilde Thordahl)

Version: v4.c300.s4.l5