What is amigurumi?

If you are into crochet, you may have already come across some amigurumi patterns without knowing it. The concept is Japanese and draws inspiration from the caricatured and playful style found in manga and anime. Amigurumi crochet is the art of making tiny animals or dolls with enormous eyes, vivid colours, and gentle shapes.

The technique itself builds on a magic ring, as well as decreases and increases - the same technique you might know from crocheting a ball. In Japan, this type of crochet is extremely popular despite its relatively recent introduction, and many people there are still unfamiliar with it. If you want to try your hand at amigurumi, but don’t have a lot of experience with crochet, crocheting a ball with a colour change will be a good place to start.

The small, stuffed animals are not just cute and fun for kids. People in Japan believe that these small, stuffed animals possess a soul and serve as comforting companions during moments of sadness.

Amigurumi animals are typically crocheted using cotton yarn, which comes in many colours for creating personalised and vibrant animals. It's also machine washable if you use the correct filling.

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