Prym Mending Needle

Reference: 80610960 - Manufacturer: Prym

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Product description

The Prym Mask Catcher needle is an ideal tool if you have lost a mask. With a mask catcher needle it is easy to repair the damage.

The tool consists of a metal needle of approximately 3 cm and a blue and white plastic handle. The needle head itself is 2 mm. The needle has a hook at the end with a closing mechanism, which makes it easy to catch the stray worm. The hook is inserted through the worm and the closing mechanism automatically connects to the hook. You can now get the stitch up through your knitting and onto the knitting needle.

The handle is 9 cm long including the hood, arched and has a recess for the thumb so that the stitch catcher needle lies ergonomically correct in your hand. At the end is a dark blue cap to protect the needle itself. The hood can also be attached to the shaft to extend it. There is also a practical hook on the handle so that you can attach a cord to the needle and thus hang the tool around your neck.

Prym is a German company that sells needlework products for beginners as well as for the experienced. The focus is on quality, so you get durable and functional products at a fair price. Established in 1903, Prym offers a lifetime of experience in producing tools for your creative projects.


  • Prym Mesh catcher needle
  • Material: metal and plastic
  • Size: approximately 12 cm long
  • Colour: dark blue and white
  • Prym model number: 610 960
EAN: 4002276109605 (4 002276 6109605)

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