Scrapbook Triangular 30,5x30,5cm - 1 pcs

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Product specification

  • Length: 30,5 cm
  • Width: 30,5 cm
  • Material: Paper & cardboard
  • Colour: Natural & White
  • Cover: cardboard
  • Shape: Triangle

Product description

Enter a world where traditional scrapbooks are challenged with our unique Triangle Scrapbook! This creative spiral bound book stands out from the crowd with its unusual shape and innovative design. With dimensions of 30.5x30.5 cm, this triangular beauty brings a new perspective to scrapbooking and offers a fresh angle to your creative projects.

The most eye-catching feature of this scrapbook is its spiral binding on two out of three pages. This clever design choice is not only to create a unique look; it also increases the functionality of the book and makes it easier to unfold the pages completely or even remove them for individual decoration before putting them back in place. This makes it a breeze to work with each page, whether you're sitting at a desk or with the book on your lap.

Done in natural and white tones, this scrapbook provides a bright and airy canvas for your memories, artwork or whatever you choose to fill it with. Made from quality paper and sturdy cardboard for the cover, it's designed to keep your memories safe and presented in a stylish way.

Whether you're a seasoned scrapbooker looking for something new to try or a beginner who wants a different approach to preserving your memories, this Triangle Scrapbook is perfect. Its shape invites experimentation with layout and design, allowing you to create something truly unique. Use the triangle shape to create dynamic layouts, play with geometric patterns, or even theme the pages after the adventures you've had.

So break out of the traditional square scrapbook mindset and let this Triangle Scrapbook inspire you to new heights of creativity. It's time to give your memories a home that's as special and unique as the moments you choose to preserve.

EAN: 5700130109134 (5 700130 0109134)

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