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Product description

Nordic Sky Kiruna is a delicious blend of natural fibres and synthetic materials. This results in a yarn that has a comfortable and soft texture. So you don't have to worry about creating scratchy creations when you crochet or knit with Kiruna yarn.

The yarn consists of 63% baby alpaca, 30% nylon and 7% merino. We recommend hand washing at 30°C here, while Kiruna should be dried flat to keep its shape. Explore our beautiful Nordic Sky Kiruna and discover a world of charming colours, or check out our other Nordic Sky qualities.

Kiruna is a blow yarn with lots of charm

Nordic Sky Kiruna is a so-called blow yarn, which refers to the manufacturing process itself. Instead of being spun in the traditional yarn manner, Kiruna is created by its fibres being gathered and blown through a tube. This tube technique is known by various names such as tube blow, air blow, air spun and air jet. Whatever you prefer to call the process, the unique technique makes Kiruna an airy and soft yarn. Nordic Sky Kiruna can thus be seen as a more luxurious version of our Infinity Hearts Lily blow yarn.

The fine Kiruna yarn thus has a lovely texture that is wonderful to work with, as the yarn glides easily and elegantly on both crochet hook and knitting needles. The recommended size of hobby tool here is 5 mm. of which Kiruna yarn has a knitting gauge of 10 x 10 cm = 17m x 22p. The yarn comes in a happy palette of dark and mild shades, you can mix and match just as you like. In addition, the tube technique gives the yarn balls a mottled play of colours, which is guaranteed to give your projects a playful look. In one Kiruna bobbin you get 50 grams of blow yarn equivalent to a run of approximately 150 metres.

Beautiful yarn named after unique Swedish town

Tradition has it that Kiruna, like our other Nordic Sky qualities, is named after a Nordic city, more specifically the Swedish metropolis of Kiruna, located in Lapland. The city is known for its unique climate, which involves polar nights in the winter months with dancing northern lights as well as summers with endless sunlight. Kiruna offers Arctic experiences in a unique landscape and is the culmination of several cultures.

The Kiruna region is thus part of Sápmi, which has been home to the indigenous Sámi people for generations. Kiruna is even derived from the Sámi word Giron, which means Grouse, which is a particular species of bird widespread in specific countries. So when you use our beautiful Kiruna blow yarn, you can think of the rich history that the yarn is inspired by and, not least, named after.

Buy your Nordic Sky Kiruna yarn at great prices at

Get your hands on your very own Kiruna colours from Nordic Sky and get started on your next yarn adventure. Our Nordic Sky Kiruna yarns are top quality and always competitively priced, so you're guaranteed the best yarn at a decent price point. Plus, we have a price guarantee on all our products.

In our webshop you can always find great deals on various creative items, so you are guaranteed the best the hobby world has to offer. Forexample, if you need equipment and tools for your Kiruna yarn, you can find them among our yarn accessories. Should you have any further questions about Nordic Sky Kiruna or the different yarn qualities, we are always ready to help you by email or phone.

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