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Product data

  • Material: 100% alpaca
  • Yarn group: A (23 - 26 meshes)
  • Needle Size: 3,5 mm
  • Gauge: 10 cm = 25 m
  • Weight / Length: 50 grams = about 133 meters
  • Wash & Care: Wool wash 40°C (Never use fabric softener)
  • Drying: Dry flat
  • Other information: Wool wash 40°C / Never use conditioner / Dry Flat

Product description

If you want a luxury yarn for your projects, choose Dale Garn Alpaca. Here you get luxury yarn in 100% pure alpaca. Alpaca wool itself comes from the Alpaca, which is originally related to the llama. Alpaca wool is considered a finer yarn. At the same time, alpaca wool contains longer fibers. Long-fiber yarn is generally a stronger yarn than other types of yarn.

What makes Dale Garn Alpakka special is that it is a three-strand worsted yarn. The thread itself consists of three finer threads that are spun together into one thread. In addition, during the manufacturing process, the fibers are stretched out when the wool is combed. This causes the fibers in the yarn to lie completely parallel. When the yarn is processed in this way, you get a more durable yarn than, for example, sheep's wool or wool that is simply carded.

When you hold the Dale Yarn Alpaca yarn in your hand, it typically feels relatively uniform, firm and fine. The yarn is also light and soft. It doesn't scratch or irritate the skin. This means that the yarn can be used in many different knitting and crochet projects. The yarn is particularly suitable for all kinds of clothing for both adults and children, from light sweaters for spring and summer, skirts, sweaters for fall and winter or various accessories such as blankets, hats, scarves, mittens or shawls.

If you want to treat your alpaca yarn so that it lasts for many years, it's important that you follow the yarn's washing instructions. In this case, Dale Garn Alpakka should be washed on a wool program without the use of fabric softener and at a maximum of 40⁰ degrees. Afterwards, the project should be dried flat. Additionally, alpaca yarn has the advantage of not shrinking during washing.

Unique colors for knitters

In Alpaca fibers, the colors are particularly beautiful and stand out. Dale Garn Alpakka has an extensive color chart that covers a wide range of colors. The clever thing about the color chart is that the colors are divided into five main categories. First, there are the neutral colors, which we would probably call natural colors. These include, for example, black, charcoal gray, mottled gray, white, beige and brown.

The next category contains all the pastel colors. They have a wide palette such as yellow, light pink, light gray, pearl gray, blue and green. The characteristic of pastel colors is that they are beautifully dusty. Yet the bright color still stands out beautifully in the yarn.

This is followed by the category of bright colors such as warm yellow, pink, red, blue shades such as denim, teal, petrol and dark denim and green shades such as grass green, light olive, turquoise and teal. The bright colors offer a great opportunity to add a touch of pop of color or combine colors across the board, for example in shades of green, blue or purple.

There is also a special category called retro colors. It contains several purple, red, orange and green colors that may not be used very often, but which change with fashion and have a brief renaissance for a period of time. The color Terracotta has an intense red-orange hue and is almost orange-like in color. Ochre has the brown and red shades in play and can be used with earth tones or neutral colors to give a little play to your sweater's yoke, spice up the ribbed edge or use it in other patterned knits.

The last color category is space dyed yarn, which is a multi-colored yarn. The term space dyed refers to the way the yarn is dyed. At Dale Garn Alpakka, we sell eight variants of the multi-colored yarn. These balls of yarn have either two or three colors mixed in.

Three variants contain blue in combination with green or yellow. Two variants have red shades and one variant in combination with purple. If you like gray tones, there are also two variants: one has colder colors such as gray, beige and natural, while the other is a warmer shade of pink, gray and natural. If you love yellow shades, Dale Garn Alpakka also has a yellow variant of the space dyed yarn with yellow, ochre and dark mustard. The multi-colored yarn invites you to play with the colors, whether you want a special play of colors in your sweaters, shawls, socks or mittens.

Exclusive yarn and premium quality from Norwegian Dale Garn

"Quality from nature since 1879" is Dale Garn's motto. You get delicious luxury yarn in high quality. You may pay more for the yarn, but at the same time you are also guaranteed a long lifespan of the yarn. Your finished knitting projects will simply have a longer lifespan and keep their appearance for many years. At Dale Garn, the materials are carefully selected and there is a meticulous processing process. These two combinations ensure a quality yarn that has an exclusive softness that feels great on the skin and doesn't itch.

In Norway, Dale Garn has been a major trendsetter in knitwear. Inspiration comes from the Norwegian nature with the beautiful Norwegian mountains and deep fjords. The nature is both harsh and at the same time immensely beautiful. In the beginning, the tradition has been the inspiration for beautiful yarns on sweaters and sweaters. Norway has a proud tradition of folk costumes and Nordic mythology and patterns from the churches. The Norwegian sweater has primarily had a practical function, to keep warm in the cold nature of the changing seasons.

Dale Garn has managed to capture the zeitgeist and fashion. Not only can they supply the material, the yarn for various fashion items. A team of designers behind Dale Yarn has had a major influence on fashion on a regular basis. Since the 1950s, they have designed patterns for the famous Olympic and World Cup jerseys. These jerseys have become a design classic.

When the Norwegian TV series "Farmen" hit the screens, the Lothepus sweater became an icon. It's a home-knitted sweater from Dale Garn and an example of how knitwear for men can also be high fashion. This type of fashion phenomenon in knitwear can be compared to the Danes' interest in knitting the Sarah Lund sweater when the TV series "Forbrydelsen" was on in Denmark.

Find your favorite Dale Yarn with us. On our website you can easily order the yarn. You can choose between delivery to your own postal address or pick-up at our address, whichever you prefer.

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Dale Yarn Alpakka 5563 Navy Blue

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Dale Yarn Alpakka 5563 Navy Blue
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