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Dale Garn Lille Lerke 8123 Old Pink


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Product data

  • Material: 53% wool & 47% cotton
  • Yarn group: A (23 - 26 meshes)
  • Needle Size: 2,5 - 3 mm
  • Gauge: 10 cm = 28 sts on 2.5 mm or 10 cm = 26 sts on 3 mm
  • Weight / Length: 50 grams = about 142 meters
  • Wash & Care: Wool wash 30°C (Never use fabric softener)
  • Drying: Dry flat
  • Other information: Wool wash 30ºC / Never use conditioner / Dry Flat

Product description

When only the best will do, Dale Garn Lille Lerke is a soft and exclusive yarn. It's great to have on your crochet hook or knitting needle. It can be used for many different types of knitting and crochet. In that way it is a versatile yarn. When you pay the price, you also pay for quality. This means that the yarn is particularly durable and will last season after season, wash after wash. The same goes for the colours. They don't fade after washing.

Dale Garn Lille Lerke is made from 53% merino wool and 47% cotton. In the same ball you get the best properties of two yarn qualities. When you use Dale Yarn Little Lark, you'll find that the project feels lighter than if you used only cotton yarn. Cotton yarn is practical because it can easily be washed at higher temperatures than wool yarn. Dale Garn Lille Lerke needs to be washed on lower temperatures and a wool programme, but at the same time you get a lighter yarn.

The lighter yarn is due in no small part to merino wool, which is both softer. Merino wool also has finer fibres. This gives the yarn its wonderful softness and lightness. Merino wool can be used for people with sensitive skin, or perhaps for those who hate it if wool itches. Merino wool is a scratch-free yarn that does not itch or bother the skin. Merino wool originally comes from Spanish merino sheep, but today the breed is found all over the world.

With the combination of merino wool and cotton, you also get the good heat-regulating properties. Dale Garn Lille Lerke can therefore be used all year round. When the autumn and winter months set in, the yarn can keep out the cold and keep you warm. In the spring and summer periods, the yarn can have a cooling effect. If you find pure wool too warm, Dale Garn Lille Lerke is an excellent alternative.

Take care of your yarn - and make a lifelong friend

To take good care of your yarn and preserve its durability, we always encourage our customers to follow the washing instructions on the yarn. This type of merino wool is not superwash-treated, so the yarn quality should be washed at low temperatures, like 20-30⁰ degrees. Do not use fabric softener and always let the project dry flat immediately after washing.

Dale Yarn Little Lark is suitable for projects on needles 2.50 mm and 3.00 mm. It is important that you stick to the knitting gauge of the project you are making.

Dale Yarn has a fantastic wide colour card

If you love colour and often find inspiration for patterns and new projects through colour, you'll quickly fall in love with Dale Garn Lille Lerke. The colour card is large and has a wide spectrum. There are shades of blue, green, yellow and pink. You can find many bright colours, dull or muted colours or pastel shades.

Inside Dale Yarn's own website, they have divided the colors into different categories. First, there are the neutral colors, which include white, black, brown, gray and beige. The basic colours are usually used in many different projects in both knitting and crochet. At the same time, they can usually be combined with most other colour categories.

After the neutrals come the pastels with light yellows, pinks, greens and blues. These are the lightest colours with the most white mixed in. If you want a more intense look, but not flashy colours, go for the muted colours, the so-called dull colours. Here you'll find acid yellow, grey lavender, dus heather, grey petrol, sea green and denim blue. Last but not least, you'll find bright colours like sunshine yellow, pink, red and navy. So you get a broad colour card that covers most beautiful colours. Use the colours in various knitted or crocheted projects for clothes and accessories. Whether you're making a sweater, dress, light sweater, vest or hats, scarves, shawls and mittens, you're well covered by the large colour card.

Dale Yarn - Norwegian quality since 1879

Norwegian Dale Yarn is associated with high quality. Since 1879, they have focused on providing nature's best raw materials. Dale Garn does not just want to deliver high quality yarn. They also want to inspire you to be creative with crochet hook or knitting needles. That's why they also collaborate with various designers who have helped make their mark on Norwegian knitting fashion.

The inspiration for the yarn qualities comes from the Norwegian landscape and climate, which with its deep valleys, fjords and mountains invites you to wear warm clothes. Norway's cold climate has also had a particular influence on the creation of the distinctive folk costumes and sweaters with elaborate yokes that make Norway known for the Norwegian sweater. The berries are inspired by Norse mythology, church paintings and the landscape. The Norwegian sweater with its unique decoration has given Norway a proud tradition and become a trademark.

Dale Yarn in Norway known for their World Cup and Olympic jerseys. Since the 1950s they have been responsible for the production and design. The World Cup and Olympic shirts have become design classics. Dale Garn has managed to capture the spirit of the times and thus helped set the trend for Norwegian knitwear. They also have a collaboration with the gurus Arne and Carlos, two knitting and crochet enthusiasts who, with inspiration from their self-cultivated garden, have designed patterns for everything from clothing, animals and accessories ranging from sweaters, cardigans, crocheted small stuffed animals and to their famous primrose blanket.

When you work with Dale Yarn, you feel luxury and quality between your hands. We sell several yarn qualities from Dale Garn and stand for a delicious quality yarn at a reasonable price. We have a price guarantee and guarantee fast delivery if the yarn is in stock, either to your home address, your nearest parcel box or for collection. Order today and enjoy the delicious yarn tomorrow.

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7054880003289 (7 054880 0003289)
7023791150986 (7 023791 1150986)
7054880312800 (7 054880 0312800)
7023791151006 (7 023791 1151006)
7023791151037 (7 023791 1151037)
7023791151044 (7 023791 1151044)
7023791152201 (7 023791 1152201)
7023791152218 (7 023791 1152218)
7023791152225 (7 023791 1152225)
7023791153628 (7 023791 1153628)
7023791153635 (7 023791 1153635)
7023791153642 (7 023791 1153642)

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