Dale Garn Baby Ull

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Dale Garn Baby Ull 0004 Light Grey Heather


Dale Garn Baby Ull 0007 Grey Heather


Dale Garn Baby Ull 0010 Bleached White


Dale Garn Baby Ull 0017 Natural White


Dale Garn Baby Ull 0020 Off White


Dale Garn Baby Ull 3841 Beige Heather


Dale Garn Baby Ull 4018 Red


Dale Garn Baby Ull 5755 Navy Blue


Dale Garn Baby Ull 5931 Dusty Blue


Dale Garn Baby Ull 8502 Dusty Old Pink


Dale Garn Baby Ull 8503 Dark Old pink


Dale Garn Baby Ull 8504 Grey Petrol


Dale Garn Baby Ull 8505 Jade Green


Dale Garn Baby Ull 8506 Denim Blue


Dale Garn Baby Ull 8510 Dusty Seagreen


Dale Yarn Baby Wool 8511 Petrol


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Product data

  • Material: 100% wool
  • Needle Size: 2,5 - 3 mm
  • Gauge: 10 cm = 32 m on 2.5 mm or 10 cm = 28 m on 3 mm
  • Weight / Length: 50 grams = about 165 meters
  • Wash & Care: Wool wash 40°C (Never use fabric softener)
  • Drying: Dry flat
  • Other information: Wool wash 40°C / Never use conditioner / Dry Flat

Product description

When choosing yarn for baby or children's knitwear, Dale Garn Baby Ull is of the highest quality. Dale Garn is one of the more exclusive yarn qualities in our range. Here you get 100% merino wool, which feels nice and soft against the skin.

Softness is merino wool's best feature

Merino yarn is not itchy against the skin, making it ideal for baby knitwear and children's clothing. The yarn itself consists of four strands that are spun together into one thread. Combined with the efficient spinning process, this means you get a strong yarn with a long lifespan. The wool comes from Australian Merino sheep and is typically a finer quality than regular wool yarn.

Merino wool is superwashed treated. Wool usually has a special scaly layer that makes it sensitive to machine washing. If washed without being superwash treated, the yarn will tangle and shrink. The superwash treatment itself involves giving the yarn a special chlorine treatment. Afterwards, the chlorine is removed from the yarn through rinsing baths. No residual chlorine remains in the yarn.

This special process improves the washing properties of the yarn, which means that the yarn can now be washed on a gentle cycle, i.e. a wool cycle at 40⁰ degrees without the use of fabric softener. It is still important that clothes or accessories are dried lying down, i.e. flat, either stretched out on blocking mats or on a heated floor. This is definitely an advantage if you are knitting for babies and children. Typically, children's clothes get dirty more often, and it's just easier in a family with children to be able to stuff their knitting into the washing machine than to hassle with hand washing.

Another advantage of merino wool in particular is that it is a heat-regulating yarn quality. This means that the natural material warms when it's cold and has a cooling effect when it's warm. This makes merino wool a wonderful natural material that can be used all year round by adults and children alike.

Dale Yarn's color chart is ready to get your knitting on

The special thing about Dale Garn Baby Ull is their large color chart. Dale Garn has chosen to divide their colors into different groups. First, you'll find the neutral colors that can match virtually any other color. These include black, charcoal gray, gray mottled, white shades and beige.

Next come the pastel colors, and here there are two variants. There are the regular pastel colors as we know them. The colors appear almost bleached or powdered, so the pink color becomes whitish. The regular pastels come in five variants: light yellow, pink, light blue, putty and light green.

In the second variant, the colors have a greater intensity, so they stand out nicely, even though they have been toned down. Here you'll find eight variants such as pale pink, dus peach, dus green, dus gray-blue, sand, dus pink, dus blue and dus gray. Some colors can almost seem to have a silvery tinge to them.

Within the category of bright colors, there is also a division that marks a difference in shade. These are called duse in Norwegian, and in this category the colors are more subdued than the other bright colors, which are more comparable to bright colors. The last category is called retro colors and ranges from red shades such as Krapp red, Retrorød to yellow shades such as Maisgul, Safran and Gullgrønn. They also include the harsher blue shades such as Denim, Petrol, Bluebell, Navy and Dark Navy.

With the wide range of colors, you can add a unique touch to your knitting or crochet projects. A beautiful color combination is essential for a beautiful project. Dale Yarn Baby Ull is such a fine quality that it is suitable for knitting and crocheting children's clothing and accessories.

The soft and exclusive merino yarn can be used for baby blankets, pram chains, rattles, teddy bears and cuddly toys. The wide range of colors also means you have plenty of options to create projects for all seasons. There are colors that are best suited for certain seasons and colors that can be used all year round.

Whether you're making a sweater, a skirt, a light sweater for warm evenings or a cardigan, there's sure to be a color you'll love using for your project. With the large color chart, there's a great opportunity to create exciting color combinations to give your project a great look.

About Dale Garn

Norwegian Dale Garn has a long tradition as a yarn retailer. Their history dates back to 1879. Since the very beginning, Dale Garn has always focused on delivering yarns made from natural materials and of the highest quality. The yarn may be more expensive, but at the same time, you'll get a delicious yarn quality in your hands that you'll love to work with. Quality and price go hand in hand. That's why Dale Garn's motto is "Quality from nature since 1879". With Dale Garn, you have yarn that is long-lasting and color-fast. The natural materials are carefully selected. Then comes a processing process that ensures that the yarn is strong.

In addition to being a major yarn retailer, Dale Garn is also a trendsetter in design. With a solid knowledge of natural materials behind them, they have taken design inspiration from Norwegian nature. Dale Garn has taken inspiration from Norwegian folk costumes, old church patterns and various decorations with references to Nordic mythology. They have combined this inspiration with a flair for capturing fashion. Dale Garn has not only managed to capture fashion. Their sweaters have become unique design icons that have made Dale Garn one of the leading yarn retailers in Norway.

On our website you can find your favorite among Dale's yarn qualities. Ordering from our webshop is easy and convenient. We strive for a price guarantee and fast delivery. You can choose between pick-up at our address or delivery to your own postal address.

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7054880002510 (7 054880 0002510)
7054880002527 (7 054880 0002527)
7054880313982 (7 054880 0313982)
7054880002534 (7 054880 0002534)
7054880315177 (7 054880 0315177)
7054880002596 (7 054880 0002596)
7054880002657 (7 054880 0002657)
7054880012687 (7 054880 0012687)
7023791152782 (7 023791 1152782)
7023791152799 (7 023791 1152799)
7023791152805 (7 023791 1152805)
7023791152812 (7 023791 1152812)
7023791152829 (7 023791 1152829)
7023791153468 (7 023791 1153468)
7023791153475 (7 023791 1153475)

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